Flash is inbulit right?

So how to make it work?

If it’s not enabled, type about:plugins in the address bar, select flash, then enable.

Chrome is the only Chromium-based browser with Flash built-in.

The flash plugin comes with dragon & if enabled it works. So what do you mean it only comes with chrome?

The only prob is once you close dragon it gets disabled. You have to enable it everytime you start dragon, why?

Because it is an experimental plugin in Chromium. Please read this post by Lightstep.

This discussion is somewhat confusing. Both Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon have the Flash playing cabability built-in. I have tried both of these browsers and they both play YouTube videos without any additional installations, and there seem to be no apparent method to enable or disable this. Some kinds of browsers require a separate plug-in installation for Flash, but Comodo Dragon does not need such an installation.

It is experimental so it is disbaled by default that understandable.

I think if the user enable it, it shouldn’t disable automatically. If it gives prob, users can always disable it.

So should I install flash from adobe? And will it replace this experimental flash or I will have 2 version of flash?

You’ll have two, pepperflash and the original flash. see my post just above Lightsteps

Is this flash going to release soon in CD? Any info?

It’s part of Chrome, so I would imagine so.

Hi Everyone,

I just downloaded last nite, 3/1/12, CD 17.4 in my Windows Vista SP 2 machine. Clean install with no previous Chrome browsers, just IE-7 without any flash plug in(s). Install went smoothly & import of IE-7 info went well including bookmarks & Adobe Reader plug in. However, it was my understanding that CD has a built in flash player. Not so, as looking in the plug ins I discovered it was not there & going to a website with flash prompted a “install missing plug in” message.

Went to adobe.com & installed the latest plug in, install was confirmed, all is well. There seems to be many comments on this issue, so I hope mine clarifies the issue for new users like me. Some general comments now on CD. Browser is very stable, scores very high on the HTML5 test, passes the Acid 3 no problem, flash is working perfectly as well as Java applet websites that I visit. Install was very good, except for the flash issue. I also downloaded the Windows Media Player plug in that I saw in another post here on the forum.

Very satisfied so far, as stability & fast response page loading are important to me. Very pleased that I switched over to CD. Thanks to all.

Is this a bug or by design?

Yesterday installed latest dragon on Win 7 64 Bits Eng & XP SP3 32 Bits Eng.

No activex or plugin flash installed on the system.

Dragon on Win 7 64 Bits has the experimental flash player.

Dragon on XP dont have experimental falsh player?