Flash tutorial for CPF FAQ

Hey all,

Attached is a simple flash based tutorial on creating basic rules in CPF. I’ve only annotated the first of the three basic rules and wanted to know whether you thought this would be worth continuing.

The file “cpf rule creation.txt” needs to be renamed to “cpf rule creation.htm”.
The file “cpf rule creation.doc” needs to be renamed to “cpf rule creation.swf”.

HTM and SWF are not postable attachment type on this forum. Sorry.

Let me know what you think.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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Hey all,

Sorry about the attachments in my previous posting. I’ve posted the flash tutorial on my wifes website at www.embsolutions.com.au/cpf_rule.

Let me know whether you think this is worth perservering with.

I’m certain you’ll tell me where I’ve got something wrong. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Great stuff - tx!


Interesting . txt will not load nor will the webpage . Hmmmm . Must third party cookies be enabled or am I just too damn smart for this firewall and have it set too tight ? My goodness . Interesting others can see it . I just wanted to check it out . Guess I am too secure . lol . Excellent

Looks like a dead link to me as well Ewen.

Try the link using Internet Explorer :wink:

I looked at it through a different area . And , I used IE and this link does not load from here . Have no idea why . The tutorial is very basic but , excellent for a beginner

Good call. But now i feel all dirty that I actually launched IE again :wink: Run away! :smiley:


Got me stuffed why this doesn’t work from anywhere!!! Tute was created using Wink! and it just makes flash - bog standard flash. I initially thought it may have been one of the IE updates that required autoexecuting active content to be clicked on first before it would run, but my wifeslaptop is fully patched and it works fine on that.

Any ideas, anyone?

Ewen :frowning:

Not a clue… works fine for me though… Good Work!!!

Great tutorial. Thank you! ;D

I’m a neophyte with one PC. I’m its sole user & have a cable Internet connection. I don’t feel like anything in your tutorial would apply to me!
Am I correct?
What is the appropriate setup for me? Do I write ANY rules? Is there a zone to select if you only have one PC? Do I put my one PC in “Specify Zone”?
It seems to me that I would leave everything at default except maybe turning off network monitor.
I think I just click security icon on main screen, & on security screen use the wizard to scan for know application. Is there more to it?
I have one question besides my installation/configuration issue. Will I no longer be able to use my Registry Mechanic?

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum!
The video is getting a bit old now, if it’s the same one I watched a long time ago… :wink:
If you choose auto when installing and then scan for known applications, you should not have to do much more.
A zone is needed only if you have a router.
You should be able to use Registry Mechanic. (why not?)
If you mean that CPF protects registry, it’s only the registry keys for itself.
Initially you will get some pop ups, but they will be less intrusive after a while.
Do NOT turn off Network Monitor. That’s an important part of the firewall.
If you use some torrent programs or DC++ or some of the on line games, you sometimes have to make a rule in Network Monitor for it. Look at the FAQ section, and you will find some tutorials for them. If they doesn’t work, just search this forum or post a question, and you will soon get an answer.
Good luck!

Thank you for responding so quickly. Have to figure out DC++! Been reading in circles!

You’re welcome.
I’m no expert in DC++, but you should try to set the same port/s in DC and in a rule in Network monitor.
Remember to move it to the top in the list, because Network Monitor reads it from the top. If you have Upnp enabled in DC try to disable it.
Sometimes it’s required that you restart CPF before the rule works. Some people say they have to restart the computer.
If you can’t get it to work, try to turn off Network monitor. If it works, you know that there must be a rule missing. Look at the logs in activity/logs, and try to find out what’s stopping DC.
Post back if you have problems, and maybe I or someone else can help you.

I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about! Maybe I’m not ready for Comodo!

You can always run DC in passive mode… :wink:
If you wait a minute i can explain a little better.

You do know that you can set the ports in DC++?
Just go to settings.

DC++ means nothing to me. 3rd & 4th letters of the alphabet with 2 plus signs? FAQs assumes you know what this is. I just keep going in a circle… “n00b (smiley here) installation” on the FAQs page takes me to the flash tutorial that seems inapplicable. I just want to insall & configure a FW! Where are directions. I read the user guide yesterday. This wouldn’t be so difficult if there actually were FAQs for newbies! I went online & found “direct current” & some kind of music download??

So you don’t use DC++?
That is a program for downloading music and movies and stuff.
It has nothing to do with CPF.
You don’t have to care about programs you don’t use.
If you don’t use programs for downloading “stuff”, you don’t have to do anything with CPF.