Flash rate changes frequency (Resolved)

Normally, I get the green flash and a slight CPU bump at ten second intervals. Since installing 4.25 (I think), I started noticing the green flash at five second intervals after a cold boot and no internet connection. Once I connect to the internet, the flash goes back to ten seconds. Auto-update is off. Has anyone else noticed this? What is BOClean doing? ???

Hi m8 :slight_smile:

What CBOClean is doing you can read here :

Green=examining startups (goes fairly quickly) Blue = examining processes, threads and dependencies Black = quiescent (nothing going on) Red = detection has occurred OR you've opened the menu and BOClean is on hold until you close it.

On starting the system, it will be blue for quite some time as BOClean actually starts green but that’s usually over by the time the traybar icon appears on bootup. Blue sits there for quite a while as BOClean examines every single process, thread and dependency at startup. Once all is done, it settle into black unless something is started or it does its every ten second “recalibration” … when this happens, you’ll see a fast green or blue flick - starts green, goes blue but it happens so quickly if nothing’s happened in the past ten seconds that you might see one color or the other or a combination of both (particularly on LCD screens) … if anything starts or changes, it doesn’t wait for that ten seconds so you’ll see that flick should ANYTHING move or start.

From here :


Greetz, Red.

“… if anything starts or changes, it doesn’t wait for that ten seconds so you’ll see that flick should ANYTHING move or start.” (per Kevin)

Thanks Red. So it would seem that a program which is internet dependent is trying to start or change every 5-10 seconds, causing the additional flash every 5 seconds instead of 10. Then, once I’m connected, the program starts, so BOClean only flashes at the normal interval.

I’ve got too many things running right now, but will try a cold boot a little later, and one-by-one shut down the auto-starts to try to isolate the program. It sounds like it is normal, though.

Thanks again Red. ;D BBL


OK Found it! It was Proxyconn causing the extra flicks, which obviously can’t start without internet access. Phew! I was worried there for a bit, but will now rest easy tonight.

Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction, Red! :BNC


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