Flash problems with Dragon & Chromodo


I really try to like Dragon & Chromodo but flash has been buggered since forever !!!

Please sort this out :slight_smile:

Ps: Why don’t you focus your developers on ONE browser, rather than spreading your resources thinly across the universe ? Just a thought…
* at least one of EACH browser as 2 adaptations of chrome is a bit much, don’t you think ?

Im running chromodo v36.6.0.50 and flash works great. I have flashcontrol extension and only allow flash on sites i trust, i also have set up to click and play for security.

Do you get the flash loop when trying to download flash or what problem do you have with flash?

You are probably experiencing the common issue with chromium based browsers of having two flash players conflicting with each other. Please see Adobe Flash in Google Chrome problems? Here's how to fix them. on how to fix this. You are basically going to disable the chromium flash player and let the Adobe player do the work.