Flash Player Streaming does not unload after closing tab

this may not be an actual bug, but it is an irritation i find with CID.

i watch streaming news and noticed that when i close the tab for that stream…flash plugin and plugin container are often still listed in processes and have to be closed by end process.

just an fyi

Hi egresor,
I just think it is an unfortunate trait of all Firefox based browsers.
I can’t even find a config modification or an extension to automatically kill the processes once they become inactive.

The only other solution besides killing the processes manually is to exit/close the browser, then re-open it.

Kind regards.

i had a feeling it was like that. maybe someone will figure it out? it would seem to be a security flaw that might be exploitable. i like ID, but that flaw is troubling to say the least.

thanks for the response…sorry for the delay in answering.