Flash Player stopped working

I have been using Comodo Dragon and Adobe FlashPlayer for many months with no problems whatsoever. However, suddenly FlashPlayer refuses to work - when referenceing ITVPlayer it gets no further than “loading”. It still runs perfectly OK in Chrome though!
Versions: Comodo Dragon 11.4; FlashPlayer; Windows XP SP3.
Any ideas please?

Chrome has Flash built in, with Comodo Dragon you need to use the plugin (not the ax version for IE)
You referenced the ITVPlayer, Do other flash locations work with Comodo Dragon?

Not sure if it will work, but do a complete uninstall of both the Flash Plugin and ITVPlayer, followed by cleaning with Ccleaner and/or Comodo System Cleaner then reboot and reinstall both with the latest versions.


Thanks for that. On booting up today I was advised that Comodo Dragon 12.1 was available for download. I installed it and , hey presto, everything’s working fine again.
I’ll bear your suggestions in mind in case of further problems.
Thanks again.

Glad you got it working !

Flash has caused me to scratch my head several times.