Flash player settings manager.

The new version plugin now shows the settings manager in control panel. I think this was long over due, settings and clearing data is so easy now. Just thought I would give it a mention for those that have missed it.
Kind regards. :slight_smile:

Now they just need a checkbox enabling to clear flash player cache instead of redirecting you to a thirdparty site

They could also have a link to the direct download of the updates.
Anyway, a good step of having automatic updates. Thanks!

Hi Jacob, as far as I can tell it does all this locally now with v10.3. Kind regards.

Hi Tech. It does have a check now button, from there you have a link to the download updates page. Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks, you’re right.

Thanks Tech :). It has characteristics of resembling a program, instead of just a plugin. Good improvement from the Web version mangager Imo. Kind regards