Flash player plugin

Hello appeared in traffic in the firewall
Flash player plugin
This is the IP for the company akami
Flash Player shows the connection when I work Mozilla Fox and enter on some sites Example

Please login to YouTube and workout shows you like me have a connection to Flash Player
The experiment was on a computer, myFriends did not show any connection to Flash Player in traffic but when you delete the

issuance of Flash Player and install the same version that you delete it became a show for me in traffic that there is a

connection to the Flash Player and when screening program

   netstat x

I watch it in the case of Timewait
Do you have a connection to the Flash Player or that there is something wrong
Htak a lot of sites, not just YouTube and I know that YouTube needs to Flash Player, but does not in any Flash Player connection


Can you experience to enter the site and consider the audit well in traffic and you see shows no connection to the Flash Player

in traffic and ÇŃĚćßă Look good sometimes delayed the appearance of a connection Flash Player in traffic minutes