Flash Player keeps on disappearing from Plug-ins

No matter how many times i install Flash Player,within a couple of days it disappears from the plug-ins page.If i go to a page that requires flash,it would tell me that it is not installed or it’s disabled.I checked both Revo & Windows,the both say that i have it installed.I am sick of installing it.

Hi fenson,
Dragon uses a plug-in version, while Internet Explorer uses an ActiveX version.
Be certain that you are selecting for ‘Other Browsers’ in step 2 of the link below.
Adobe Flash Player

Check if Flash Player is installed on your computer


I have both versions of Flash installed.I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

Hi fenon,
This is strange and I am trying to think of all possibilities.
The plugin is not being installed in a sandbox environment is it?
Is it also removed from the system when it appears to be removed from Dragon?
This can be checked in Windows control panel.

Please try running the flash player uninstaller and then try a fresh install.
The uninstaller tool can be found in the link below.
Uninstall Flash Player | Windows-Adobe
Note: The uninstall tool will remove both the plugin and the ActiveX versions.


No sandbox,only gets removed from Dragon.It hasn’t been happening lately.

I also have this problem every time I updating the Adobe Flash Player. The only solution I found is to remove the Flash Player and Dragon Then reinstall Dragon and Flah Player.

It happened again.I don’t know if it’s Dragon,Adobe or the system cleaner i use(SlimCleaner).I’m gonna install Flash again & uncheck the option in SlimCleaner.I thought i did try this already,but i’ll try it again.

It happened again & i’m getting sick of it.It is not my cleaner.It has happened on two versions of Flash Player.It has to be CD.
I love CD,but this & the translator not working is forcing me to think on searching for a new Browser if these things aren’t fixed soon.

Hi fenson,
This flash issue is quite a mystery, Dragon should pick up the plug-in version installed on the system.
Do you have any other browsers that use the plug-in?
Examples: Firefox, IceDragon, Opera etc.
When it is no longer available with Dragon is it also missing in other browsers, excluding Internet Explorer and Chrome?


I only have IE & CD installed.

Sorry I have no solution, I have never seen this happen before.
I am totally blindly guessing, but I wonder if another extension/plug-in is conflicting with Flash.
I am not trying push the blame away from Dragon, it is just that I have used Dragon on numerous systems and have never seen this occur.
While the Flash plug-in is on the system, Dragon generally finds it.
I would like to find out the cause to help you guys and also to kill off my curiosity.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is happening here?