Flash player install rehash [Solved]

I am trying to update Flash player and having a problem with doing so. I searched the forums and found this thread:

My problems are similar to that user’s problems and I saw the suggested answer. The thing is, I don’t have Dragon installed and I don’t know where to find privacy settings in the console. On top of that, I also found this thread, that seems to indicate the Dragon no longer has a way to change privacy settings.

So, it may not be much help to have Dragon. Is there something to fix this?
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Hi iowared,
Can you download and run the appropriate full installer from the link below?
Adobe Flash Player Distribution

Kind regards.

Thanks for the reply, captainsticks. I logged in as the admin on the computer and got a prompt to update Flash anyway. Too bad that didn’t happen before I went in circles last night trying to manually download and install the app.

This can be marked as solved.

You are welcome, I am glad to hear the issue is solved. :-TU

This can be marked as solved.
Done, thank you.