Flash player 11.9.900.117 getting slow?


Yesterday I noticed that certain videos on the internet would start off fine but then get slower and slower (lower frame-rate) until it was just horrible, then I realized that Flash Player had just gotten an update, I then uninstalled it and installed the previous 11.8.800.168 version and now it’s working just fine.

Youtube.com did not seem to be affected for me but you know… other sites 88) with… other kinds of contents… ;D were.

Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me?

Sanya IV

No such issue with PepperFlash 11.9.900.117 (Chrome 31) when playing a 30 min video at svtplay.

No problem like that but after updating to Windows 8.1, I had to turn off the Enhanced Protection mode in the new IE11 to get Flash and Java working at all. Why they decided to now have that on by default I don’t know, especially on a 32 bit system where I don’t think it does anything anyway.


EPM enables AppContainer. Understanding Enhanced Protected Mode

Might add that I’ve only tried it with CD 29.1, I might try re-installing the latest update again and see if I get the same problem. If only HTML5 adoption would hurry up, I dream of the day I can finally uninstall Flash Player completely. 88)

So the question remains. Why would they enable it by default when they know that almost all browser addons and plugins will not work with it? This is a huge annoyance for most users and a lot won’t know how to turn it off.

Amen to that :-TU