Flash Games no longer work [Resolved]

Not sure which part of the suite is causing my problem but I’m assuming it would be the Defense module so if this is in the wrong place, my apologies.

I recently bought my first “name brand” computer, a Compaq SR5710F as a means of keeping the kids and grandkids off my main machine. It came loaded with a folder called HP Games and the kids were content to play those up until I installed CIS. Now the games won’t play.

After training the firewall for what seems like forever for each game in the folder, the games will load and start. You can hear the sound and music in the background but the screen stays blank. No video.

I downloaded a couple of free flash games from the web and they do the same thing. I have no idea what part of the suite is causing the problem. I can play ON line flash games OK so far, but any on my hard drive exhibit these symptoms.

The machine has an Athlon X2 4450e with 3Gb of memory, and on board Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE graphics.

I don’t think it has anything to do with my machine or its components since these games played fine prior to the installation of CIS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Forum, Nofsdad.

Do any of these included games require internet connection to run?

Remove the rules from D+ (Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy) Scroll down and select the game files. Remove them and click ‘Apply’. exit out of the GUI.
Right click on the CIS icon, and place Defense+ into Training mode.
Then run each game fully and then exit the game. Right click the CIS icon again and place Defense+ back into the mode you were using prior.

Your games should now run correctly.

That seems to have done it. At least the one I tried first is working. Thanks a million. :slight_smile:

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