Flash disks scanning


Flash disks are very often sources of infections. Outpost curenttly offer something similar.
Any questions?
I hope you will undesrstand what i mean, sorry for language mistakes.

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Are you talking about the D+ prompt? If so, I would support the prompt. You can manually scan a flash drive with the right click menu or you can create a scan profile for the particular flash drive you want to scan.

Yes, of course you’re right. But no everyone know it :wink:
I thought that this would be helpful.

+1 and :-TU

I will not agree here. If a malware tries to run it will be catched by the av even in state-full mode, by this reason I don’t see the point of the alert.



CIS already scans the two important areas (Memory and Hard Disk “Read/Write”)

thus it’s not needed for USB flash disk scanning…