My Comodo Firewall notice me once and while that a file named Fjodoa.exe tries to access internet. Comodo has therefore put the file in the sandbox. I want to know what kind of a file Fjodoa.exe is, but I don’t get any hits on Google. Nor when I search my hard drive for it.

Any folks out there who know what kind of file Fjodoa.exe is?

My advice would be to upload it to Virus Total they will be able to tell you exactly what it is. Are you using Comodo Internet Security because if you are you will be able to add it to the quarantine if you are worried about the file and submit it for analysis.

I know that Comodo has an upload site but as a newish user I haven’t used it yet so not found the site.

If you can find the file, you should be able to get the location by clicking on the name of the file in the popup, you can upload it to virustotal or submit it to Comodo.

I will try that the next time the alert will pop up.

I’ll be back… :wink: