Fixing Defense+ Policy

does anyone know a way to set the defense+ policy for software so that the software cannot change it. I have tried and failed to set a policy for flashget3 - its impossible as far as I can see. You can remove trend micro from trusted vendor and flashget3 from trusted files list whilst its not running. You can then set a custome or predefined policy . However once you start flashget3 it will ask you to load a global/hook or access DNS/COM protected com area. No matter how you answer you will find it has changed the policy you defined to open access. This seems to be a large failing of the software how many other programs have this open ability to disregard any settings you want to input. I have spent some time on this and can find no way to block this. I assume it comes from the fact that Trend Micro is on the trusted vendor list of Comodo and evn though I can remove it from my list it still retains privledges,


I think this FAQ may help: Access rights - allowing one seems to allow all - how to fix?.

Best wishes