[FIXED] pyl18.tmp.exe - Heur.Dual.Extensions

CIS version: 3.10.102194.530
DB version: 1546
Heuristics: Low

Heur.Dual.Extensions %tmp%\pyl18.tmp.exe VirusTotal

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Hi fOrTy_7,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.


Hi fOrTy_7,

The samples you offered can’t be run,and an error occured“libgcj_s.dll is missing”.so can u pls offer the software’s name or the link?


I’m afraid I cannot help you much more. I don’t know from where I got this file or by which software it could be created. The mentioned file was stored in temporary files folder under my user profile folder on Windows XP.

That exe was seemingly generated by wubi installer for Ubuntu http://wubi-installer.org/

That’s correct. I’ve got Kubuntu 9.04 x86 on CD. I’m using it mostly as the LiveCD. Anyway, the mentioned process is an autorun GUI menu. The filename seems to be random but the MD5 is the same.

Endymion, thanks for the hint. :-TU

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

This false-positive has been fixed. Please check in virus signature database 1603

I have no longer this FP with DB 1604. Thanks.

Forty_7 where did you get Kubuntu on cd? Does that mean you can use it on multiple computers?


I downloaded ISO image from official website and then burned it on CD / DVD. But there are also other options you might be interested in. Please visit the following URL address for further details: Download Kubuntu | Kubuntu

Burned CD has boot menu which allows you either to install the operating system on hard drive or launch it directly from CD (so called Live CD). Yes, you can use it on multiple computers. But if you’re willing to do that, then make sure to download 32-bit version (x86 architecture), because not all CPUs support 64 bits architecture.