[Fixed] False Positive with Cab archive but not when extracted

There are four FP when scanning this CAB with heuristics, but they are not detected after being extracted.

The heuristics were set to high.
Running 3.12.111745.560
Database Version: 2964

What’s going on?

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Hi Chiron494,

Thanks for reporting.We will check out the problem and get back to you.


Has any progress been made yet? I still detect these files with
3.13.120417.573 and Database 2983

I’m not pushing, I’m just curious as it seems to be a problem with the engine and not with a signature update. I was hoping the new version would solve the problem.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi Chiron494,

This FP has been fixed.Please check in CIS 3.13.120417.573 virus signature database 2992.

Thanks and Regards,

Confirmed as fixed. Thank you.