[Fixed] Cache Explorer - FP

When cachex.zip is unzipped to cachex.exe, it is detected by CIS.

Developer’s site: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f52/cache-explorer-184487/
Threat name: Heur.Pck.yoda
Virus signature database version: 2635

This utility is well respected in the CD enthusiast community.
It is referenced here: dBpoweramp CD Ripper - Setup Guide


We will check if what you reported is malware or just false positive.

Erik M.

Any response yet?

Hi SilentMusic7,

The false-positive was already fixed with DB 2970 of CIS 3.13.119746.572. You can update and confirm.

Thanks and regards,

I confirm that the FP is gone in DB 3057.

Thanks to the Comodo team. :slight_smile: