Just popped up about 5 times, saying it detected Heur.Suspicious[at]21540015.
Uploaded the file to Virustotal.com, came up negative on all scanners (including Comodo (1270)).
My database version is also 1270, so i don’t really get it…

rtcshare.exe is part of Windows.

Hi EdwinV,

Thanks for reporting.
We will get back to you after analysis.


Hi EdwinV,

Reported FP is fixed.Kindly update to DB 1272 and confirm.



Didnt get a warning anymore after updating to 1272.
Thanks for the swift action! :smiley:

Well today tou see that it is not like I’m
with the same problem and looking at the date of the messages, I was not going to happen to me this kind of situation, I have the CIS PRO, I have the same warning with my updates are updated.
Any solution please?

Hello Darkc0de,

Please submit the detected file as False Positive here: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis
Thank you!

Best regards,

I have already submitted to the site