[fixed] antivirus uninstalled but continues to work (.cav file access)


i’ve uninstalled the antivirus part of Comodo internet security.

I noticed that every second the LED of my PC blinks, so every second there is an hard drive access (I had this before the uninstallation).
in internet forums it is said that i have to disable the CD/DVD automatic execution by desactivating the associated registry key.
I’ve done it but the problem wasn’t solved, the LED continues to blink.

i launched the program process-monitor and activate the “file system activity” filter to check what can cause this access every second. I’ve found this:

These 3 lines appear every second. So it explains the hard drive access that makes the LED blink regularly.

what is this cav file? and why comodo access to it every second?
antivirus was uninstalled so why it access to this file?

thanks for help

How did you uninstall the AV part? Did you use the Addd and remove components option? It can be found in the CIS folder in the start menu?

yes i have used the start menu and comodo folder.
i didnt use the windows uninstaller.

It looks like you found may have found a bug.

To see if it reproduces would you be willing to try a clean install of CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron and then make the change to Firewall only?

the installation i have made was clean because it was done just after a new installation of windows.

But now i fixed the problem by uninstalling the whole CIS application from my computer, and installed an other firewall and an other antivirus.
There is no access to this .cav file anymore.