Fix the products that they already have out, like comodo time machine

im still not able to install comodo time machine from the error that i have had for the last few days that nobody seems to know anything about…so my opinion on what comodo needs to work on next, is getting their existing products either completely bug free, or mostly bug free…thats my say for this…i have and always will be a huge comodo fan, but right now the number one product that i need and want is rendered useless because i cant install it… that product being comodo time machine… :-[

comodo really should fix what they have but i still love comodo :ilovecomodo:

i second that notion…and im still a huge fan of comodo myself…im just hoping like heck that they do end up fixing most if not all of the issues with their software…

yea especially some cis bugs like somehow losing settings

i just wish i could FREAKING INSTALL CTM NOW…DX…but sofar nobody has given me any replies to any of my messages and thus far, i have just now freaking given up hope…im now installing vista’s updates without freaking ctm…so viruses here i am…again…

well back to your question i heard CTM can seriously mess up a machine…just be safe and viruses wont hurt u also have a good av and firewall and malwarebytes is a must

got malwarebytes and superantispyware and comodo, and lol…and avg free but i still seem to have computer issues…idk for sure though…lol…either way i like having the secure peace of mind that i get with ctm and comodo on my computer…makes me feel safe when i have the two

CTM is not a security program (at first glance). It’s an advanced system restore feature.
It can help you get clean of viruses. But it can be bypassed also.
Right now, it’s not stable and secure enough for all users. Just for the crazy ones ;D

and i LOVE the awesomeness that is comodo time machine, and thanks to flykite im now able to install it once again…so thank you guys for your help with this issue…it is now resolved