fix self defence please

A code killing comodo :frowning: i hope To fix Self Defence

How about you compile that code into a exe and then try that, I suspect you will get different results.

With what rights is your program allowed to run? That’s the question.

We get various claims like yours and usually the user gives the program the right to install a driver giving kernel access. Kernel access is end of exercise for every (security) program.

Please provide us with the rights granted to your program. Could you provide mods or interested regulars a download link for your script/program so we can assess it?

that not my test i only take the picture from a forum which they test malwares etc
at all he’s a person from Zyzoom forum
good luck i hav’nt the code im so sorry
im only copy piste the picture

Thanks for clearing that up.

Key is that we don’t know what permissions were given to this program. When a program has kernel access (when driver installation is allowed by the user) then a program can do anything. Without that knowledge we don’t what we are looking at.