Fix for most errors....

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on Lenovo ThinkPad T61p

I installed CTM on 4 machines and 1 had a blue screen saying I need to run CHKDSK /F and that a virus or recent change may have caused the problem. After rebooting, I chose to press F8 to see what was causing the problem - it stopped at CTTMOUNT.SYS during the Safe Mode for about 5-10 seconds, then it Blue Screened!

What I decided to do was go into the BIOS to check the settings for my Hard Drive which was set to AHCI - I changed it to COMPATIBILITY. I also made sure to delete an unused 100 MB partition set by Windows 7 from past install and expanded current partition for OS into this 100 MB. After a reboot, it booted up.

Lesson learned - BIOS settings, Utilities to manipulate hard disk in case of boot failure (one that can reset MBR of the disk), and patience. Took me 1.5-2 hrs, but I like this software too much to give up on it =). Thanks COMODO!