Fix Comodo Aborting Scans / Updates (unable to connect to Comodo servers etc.)

Hi guys, I spent at least an hour trying to get my Comodo install to finally update and scan so I thought I would share the fix:

While troubleshooting the problem, I found that I was unable to ping websites using the hostname so I realised that fixing this would likely fix my Comodo issue.

This assumption was correct; the problem had nothing to do with Comodo so there was no need to make any registry changes (e.g. copying and pasting the contents of the DefaultConnectionSettings key - this fix didn’t work properly and turned out to be unnecessary).

The affected computer runs Windows 7 however, the fix (or similar) should work on most versions of Windows if they are similarly affected:

Open a command prompt (Start > type cmd)

Type the following: netsh winsock reset catalog

Press enter

Type the following: netsh int ip reset reset.log

Press enter

Reboot your computer

It’s worth noting that I completely uninstalled Comodo before rebooting so that I could do a fresh install after rebooting but this may not be necessary.

I found the fix here: