Five Minutes to Become Initialized...?

I installed version 3.0 this evening and it was a smooth installation however, after rebooting (several times) the firewall takes about 5 minutes to become initialized. “System Status” is a big orange ball with a line through it.

Why does it take so long to initialize?  Am I unprotected during that interval?


Suggest you uninstall Comodo 3 and wait for the new and improved version coming out in the next day or 2 :wink: You could try uninstalling and reinstalling, but there have been a number of conflicts discovered post beta-testing that will be fixed in the update. Some of these conflicts produce symptoms similar to yours. Windows firewall should suffice in the interim if you are careful.

For some reason, I’ve yet to discover why, cfp3 needs the Terminal Services , service to be running. If you have disabled this service, it can be a cause of the long initialisation time.

I have not had this slow initialization issue at all and, in fact, I also have Terminal Services disabled (and always have done). There must be some other (more complex?) issue going here.

Then it won’t hurt providing more informations about your system, wouldn’t it? ;D

AFAIK terminal services is the most common config in regard to slow initialization. Only a betatester who had windows xp SP3(beta) had terminal services disabled and was not affected.

I guess we have to create few topics to gather some statistics about specific bug coverage and then ask for a detailed report.
But I need to find a language independent information gathering app that will list services(and their status) too.

Sorry to have omitted my system description! Windows XPSP2 Home fully updated (English US version). 1.7GHz P4 Dell (several years old). 512MB RAM, 40GB internal HD, 80GB external USB HD as well. I have generally followed Black Viper’s advice in turning off Windows services: I have nearly fifty of the possible ones disabled. Some support hardware I don’t have, others are simply unnecessary on stand-alone systems, a few I just do without because I prefer things that way. In addition to CFP3, I run WinPatrol, Tiny Watcher, Secunia PSI, SnoopFree, CBO; and have Ad-Aware 2007, SpyBot, SuperAntiSpyware available for demand scanning. All these guys tolerate one another pretty well.

W00t :BNC

thank you for mentioning what that site was pudelein, I used to use it too years ago and configure them services how Black Viper says too, but lost the site ages ago and i couldn’t remember what it was lol.

so cheers ;D

Enabling Terminal Services fixed the issue. Now it’s a snappy startup. However, I would like to know why it’s dependent on Terminal Services - other firewalls I’ve tested don’t need it. And, is it really necessary, because after 5 minutes it seems to work fine. I just don’t care to wait that long for adequate protection.

I am guessing its to do with Fast User Switching as on v2 I always got a pop up box saying that it was disabled so if that is the case maybe they can make a setting for single user only ?