Five minute period on startup where browser won't run

I installed the newest free version of Comodo Firewall on WinXP SP3 and now every time I boot up, there’s a five minute period where I can’t launch Firefox - any copies I try to launch pop up after the firewall has finished doing whatever it does on startup. This is unacceptable. How do I get rid of this?

What security product did you use before?
Did you make a clean install, and a full uninstall of the former product?

The first checkpoints are, error in the installation, error in the setting.

You can export settings, so you can insert (and activate!) them after a fresh installation.

Normally comodo does nothing “special” at start up.

I have seen this sometimes. After system start CIS GUI shows initializing & it takes little time to initialize & in that period the system acts sluggish. But not 5 mins, its usually under 1 min.

I dont know if this is a bug or prob but CIS initialization takes little time which makes the system sluggish for the time & anything opened takes time to open or opens only after CIS is initialized.

Zonealarm, full uninstall, then fresh install of Comodo, 32-bit, no options besides the firewall itself.

I clocked it just now with a stopwatch and it was 3 minutes 20 seconds. My computer is pretty old, we may be talking of the same thing.

Run “services.msc” and set to “manual” or “disabled” all related to NET FRAMEWORK

No need to disable .net framework releated things.

If you recently updated .net framework there will be a process mscoree or something named like this. This process does something related to .net framework updates but it will disappear after sometime i.e may be 2-4 days or the time it needs, atleast here on my XP system it diappears in 2-4 days, may be if the system is kept ON for longer time it will disappear more soon. And I have noticed exactly the same prob mentioned by you till the mscoree process is active. Once it settles down i.e does it work & disappears, things are back to normal.

I would suggest to use the official uninstall tool for your old security product.
Sometimes “funny” things happen.

Just one example: In the past, after i uninstalled a security product, my sandboxie didnt work anymore.
I reinstalled the product, sandboxie ran fine :smiley:
Luckily it has been a good product, so i kept it anyway :wink: