First Time User...

Hi. Well I just wanted to sign up and express how excited I am about finding about the Comodo Firewall. I been using sygate 5.6 pro and even though I knew it was out of date, I really did trust it. I been searching FOREVER for the best firewall. I have searched through many forums, asked many people and so forth over the past 2 years. I heard that outpost firewall suppose to be one of the best, so I tried it. Tried once, twice, the third time I decided to switch back to sygate. My reasons for uninstalling outpost everyone were:

  1. complicated!! I am no newbie, but I really found the interface complicated with having to set everything manually and I didn’t know what I was doing half the time.

  2. bloatware. Enough said.

  3. I kept seeing unknown connections accepted. Now isn’t the point of having a firewall is to see “what” is being transmitted over the net and what “applications” are using it? That just drove me crazy that I removed it every time because of that.

So yesterday I decided to search on google to see which firewall is better between outpost and Kaspersky, and I ended up going into a forum that posted a link to recent leak test among firewalls. That’s where I read the leak tests and found out about Comodo Firewall (:AGL)

I installed it and so far I am liking the interface and it’s NICE that I don’t have to be a network administrator in order to configure it, so I am really safe. I guess that’s why your firewall was the best with “out of the box” settings.

I am sure I will have many questions regarding the firewall and security, but I am sure you fine folks will help me out.

So that’s my story and I am glad I found out about comodo.

Welcome to the Forums, sonny! Glad you found Comodo, and that you’re here.

Yes, those tests by Matousec are very revealing, in the firewall world. The Coat test issue has already been resolved for the next release of CPF (which may be as early as later this month). For some more tests (regarding termination of the firewall), see this one: - This website is for sale! - firewallleaktester Resources and Information. More very positive results. :smiley:

Feel free to search around the forums, and ask questions as you need. I highly recommend starting with an understanding of Network Control Rules, here:,1125.0.html. With CPF, it’s set up a bit different, compared to other FWs. The groundwork for allowed communication is set with the network rules; all applications that need to connect will only be allowed to do so within that context.

Right “out of the box” with an “Automatic” installation and the default rules, you should be good to go. There’s a lot that you can learn - you may not have to, but it never hurts. The “Highest Level” referred to by Matousec is gained by going to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and unchecking the box for “Do not show alerts for Applications certified by Comodo”.