First time user needs some help


I’m a new user of Comodo Firewall, and I really like it so far. But I could use some help with some questions that arose while using it for the first time:

What happens when a firewall alert times out? All I know is that it disappears, I would like to know what is happening in the background - is the connection request in question blocked? Will the alert be displayed again if the same connection request reoccurs? Is there a way to see what alerts were displayed while I was away, or to keep them from disappearing (besides setting a really high timeout)?

I was also wondering whether it would be possible to define/edit a custom rule when a firewall alert pops up. For example: a program tries to connect to a IP using port 5000 and I know that the same application also will need port 5001 and 5002 to work. What I did in other firewall applications was to click “create custom rule” directly inside the alert window and change port 5000 to a port range (5000-5002). I know that it is possible to edit the rules later by going to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy, but I’d really like to be able define them right away. The same thing applies for defense+ alerts. An alert pops up asking me whether I want to allow screen access to an application and I know that the application will also need keyboard input and file system access - is there a way to go directly to the dialog for the custom rules?

And one last question: The settings dialog allows me to specify a maximum size for the log file and what happens when this size is reached, but I somehow miss the option to remove only the oldest entries when writing new entries, instead of deleting the complete file when the size is reached. Is this possible?

Sorry for asking so many questions, and thanks for your help!

Welcome to the forums McEric! Don’t be sorry for asking so many questions, we’d all be sitting around a camp fire right now twiddling our thumbs if we didn’t :wink:

1# When the alert times out it will be denied and a Pop-Up will still appear next time the application tries to connect to the internet.

2# Go to… Comodo → Firewall → Advanced → Behaviour settings → Alert settings →

3# No I do not think It’s possible… Or I am not aware of it.

Hope this helps. Keep the questions comming :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

The option currently available for the third question, it seems, is to move it to a particular folder, if you wish to retain it.

CIS>Miscellaneous>settings>logging>move it to ‘specified folder’

Okay, thanks for the quick replies guys! This should get me started :slight_smile:

Glad to know that I can come back when I need help :slight_smile:

Oh, and merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too!