First time new install, cleaned registry then rebooted & got BSOD

I have a HP m8300f computer with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ running Win Vista Home Premium SP1 & 3GB of RAM.

I just installed Comodo System Cleaner for the first time ever and ran it doing the regiistry cleaning. Then rebooted and up on the screen came BSOD. I rebooted again and got the BSOD or it may have then came up with “Startup Repair” this boot up or the next bootup. Going through the startup repair took a long time (about 30-45 minutes) with a couple of more BSOD’s and then it finally gave me the opportunity to Restore to an earlier time which I did and then the reboot worked.

Now I am afraid to use Comodo Sytem Cleaner again.

Thanks for any help you can give.



Can you please provide us more details? Tell us what was the version of CSC you had installed, your operating system and what security software you are using.

It would be very useful if you could have the dump(s) that might have been created during the BSOD. Assuming that your Windows is installed on C:, the location to check for dumps is in C:\Windows\Minidump.

Thank you.

Did you carefully read my post? My OS was given and the version of CSC would be what ever you had online that particular day. I don’t know what it was because I uninstalled it immediately after I got my computer working again

I am using Windows Firewall and Avira Antivirus Free and CounterSpy.

I found the dump file but how do I get it and get it to you to look at?

Here is a picture of the first BSOD:

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