First time, mainstream media talks about Sandboxing for protection your computer

Great news!


Now that’s something. It can only be a good thing imo, maybe more people will find out about Comodo which can help more in having a safer internet.

More minds would open, I hope… :-TU

Thanks Melih,
Interesting read.

CIS and AVASTs sandboxing in that article…

Melihs video: “What Makes Comodo’s Technology Superior?”

I understand that most of the Superior Technology that Melih talks in that video, is the Whitelisting and Sandboxing.

With or without blacklisting/whitelisting, what really matters is how the Sandboxing feature is going to protect you, right? (that agrees with the article Melih posted in this thread, I believe).

So, is COMODO Technology being reached by its competitors?

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That article isn’t even correct:

CIS automatically detects untrusted executable files and programs, and runs them in the virtual environment. You can also manually run any program within the sandbox; simply select a program to run via the main CIS application window (under the Defense+ tab).”

Is isn’t a virtual environment, its a restricted enviroment. Manual sandbox is a virtual environment.

Maybe they were reviewing CIS 6 beta?

If so then I want one too for testing… :smiley:

Great article Melih. Definitely a feather for your cap and a great recommendation for its actual intended purpose IMHO.

Thanks for sharing the article Melih.
“Unlike CIS, Avast gives you the sandboxing options even when you right-click a shortcut rather than just the executable program file itself”.
Easy but yet a must have addition to CIS.

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Thanks Melih for the best security ever :-TU

Which of the two is safer, virtual or restricted environments? Shouldn’t that be used for both automatically added and manually added executables then?

The virtual version is safer.

Comodo is currently working on CIS v6 which will bring virtualisation to the automatic sandbox process. But there is no test version of the upcoming v6 as of yet. It is not clear when we will see one… waiting… sigh… :THNK (:NRD)