First post in 3 months, and something else

I HAVE SWITCHED MY WEB BROWSER ALLIEGIANCE to Firefox 3.5, I have compared the speed of it vs Opera and IE, and Firefox is WAY faster, but firefox still has long loadups. Gonna have to report this to Mozilla, cuz the slow startup of the browser and intialization of the Gecko engine makes very bad delays…

Hi TheRyan95, welcome back. I’m sorry… but, you do realise your topic is about to be bombarded by an unholy amount of Operatic spam don’t you? They’re worse than the Apple lot!

kail, guess what? I am anticipating spams xP, So bring them on!!! >:-D

Firefox has never been any faster than IE for me. Not with any version of either one. The same holds true for Chrome and Opera. Don’t quote benchmarks and all that other stuff. In real browsing, there is no noticeable difference with any of them except for initial loadup times.

Thats true, but Firefox renders stuff abit faster than IE on most websites.

One thing i have noticed with FX 3.5 is the amount of outbound connections. It sometimes goes up to the high 70`s :o Sure it never used to (i may be wrong, as usual 88) )


p.s. I`ve only done one tweek that was to do with “” to True, apparently this does something to help tracemonkey load pages faster, not sure if it would influence connections, gonna reverse it and see…

Well, I was apologising… in advance… because a few… or maybe more… of these spammers are likely to be, erm, Mods. 88)

kail, HAH, so far, and i mean only the comments before this one, there is no one spamming besides me and you. Hah, but time will tell the time eventually :cry:


I’m the first in a long line >:-D

Keep them coming fools muahahahaha.

If I was ever going to use anything other than IE, it would be Opera. It is the slickest and most polished of all the alternatives but everything I use to keep my system clean works best with IE so I’m sticking with it.

Opera 10 final is going to be awesome :wink:

I admit that I use IE for some things, facebook for example, since the new design layout there doesn’t play nicely with Opera >:(