First log window quits logging ( x32)

Still having the problem with the first log window not logging from 6:00pm to midnight every night. I have tried changing settings everywhere and it still happens. This is the only thing that I have found in CFP 3 that doesn’t work correctly for me. I installed another firewall just to be sure that something I have on my pc is not what is stopping the logs from working and the logs worked ok with that firewall.

I have tried uninstalling all of the other security software all at once just to make sure that no other program is causing this and that didn’t help. Right on the money every night at 6:00pm the first log window quits logging. I am in the Central Timezone in the US and when the time changed it started quiting at 6:00pm til midnight. It changed with the time change in November from quitting at 7:00pm to quitting at 6:00pm. How wierd is that.

Just curious if anyone else is having this problem as well.

AMD 3400+
Avast 4.7 PRO
Linkscanner PRO
CBOC 4.25


Hi jasper2408

After I cleared my logs they stopped logging in the first window and I need to click more to see them. It has nothing to do with time for me but still I thought it strange.


XP SP2 X32, Pentium D 3000, 1gig Ram, CFP, CAVS, BOC, CMG.

Let me join the club. I thought it was just my pc :o. Doesn’t really bother me because:

  1. I personally don’t use logging (except for troubleshooting and to confirm rules)
  2. Especially if when one p2p’s, the log entries can be numerous that cfp.exe consumes cpu to the max during the opening of the first window. With it not load up, no cpu issue ;D.

If it’s happening to at least 3 people then it’s likely a bug.

XP SP2 32-Bit , Pentium 4, 2.40 GHz, 1 GB Ram, CFP is the only security program.

Thanks, you have made me feel sane again. I was beginning to worry as I hadn’t seen anyone else post this problem except me before now as I have had this problem since the alpha.


There are others as well see;msg105518#msg105518


Same here. Actually, I don’t see the point of the first screen, why not just go straight to, what is now, More…

I like the first window as it is sorted to the most recent at the top and it has separator lines between entries, but it needs to be real-time without having to refresh manually. I agree though that both windows aren’t needed.

Maybe the log will be fixed in the near future.


If only one could sort by the column that’s clicked on that would be great in addition to the filtering options. There’s another issue with logging like how you can’t filter out by Application Name (I even tried typing in the full path of one and it didn’t work. Although the System file does work…), but that’s for another topic.

Mine appears to stop logging to the first log at 00:00 GMT, or 1600 PST. Still shows up under more/today. Maybe some clocks out of rhythm? I’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Log system at first page doesn’t like to work until 0:00h here too (system clock time). And doesn’t care much about outbond blocked connections, losing many of them, even at page 2 (more).
I think that this log is very important, to be sure that is blocking, to be possible to “un-block” some, to know if everything is ok (ex: too many blocks from 1 single address in a short time) and so on.
I’ve tried to give “cfplogvw.exe” full access, “all-trusted” in all configurations, to itself and to all other components of CFP but it doesn’t help… Disabling D+ doesn’t help too… It seems to me that the log is not being created for some reason to some blocked connections, beside that time that the log-view needs to sleep…
Does anyone know any procedure? How can I help to reach a solution?

Sempron 3000+; MSI-7145; CFP-v3.0.13.268; NOD32 v2.70.39; PG2 v6c; Diskeeper; FF; Azureus; ATI-Catalyst v2007.0313.2139.36813;
on WinXP-SP2 updated.

Looks like we may have discovered a “time” bug here :stuck_out_tongue:

A workaround for the real time events in the log is to click the More button and then you either switch between the different preset times on the left menu or right-click in the log and select refresh continuously to update the events as they occur.

Today my 1st Log window (View Firewall Events) went to bed arround 21:00h-system local time (GMT-3h). Let’s see if it wakes up at 0:00h like yesterday.

As days go by, I love more and more CFP-v3. Besides all.

edit: oh… I coudn’t see exactly what time that it “get” on… but it was past midnight for sure. (saw log before 0:45h)
So, here, the log sleeps from 21 to 0:00h … not so much, for such work…

(and, CFP works perfect at all times! GREAT!)

But it is still not logging some blocked outgoing… strange…

well, that’s it. if I could be of some help… I have some time to…

I’m connected to the Internet but there’s not events logging in the Firewall and Defense (says There no items to show) , but in the Log Viewer there are events logging… and in the miscellaneous settings all the options about the logs are checked, even in the summary appears the number of blocked attempts it says 1254 for the Network Defense and 10 for the Pro Active Defense

The rest is OK

Any ideas???

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Yes. I’m going to merge this thread with an existing one in a moment.

Yo Everyone!

Miguel posted his/her self-discovered solution:

Perhaps it will magically (re)solve yours as well.

[b]Wowww!!!.. now I can customize the font of my messages.

Soyabeaner, you’re welcome, as I get familiarized with this version , I’ll try to cooperate with the community. After all the community has helped me several times, so how we say here in Chile “Una mano lava a la y juntas lavan la cara” rough translation “One hand washes the other one and together wash the face”[/b]

PD : Polite clarification : Miguel Angel is a compound male name, and cames from the Italian Michelangelo

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My symptoms don’t seem to be quite the same, but I’ll post them here instead of making a new thread. On my computer, it’s not just the first log viewer window that’s empty – instead, all the log viewer windows are empty. If I click on “More…” in the first window, the second window opens very slowly, and then the cursor goes into hourglass mode for 1-2 minutes. In the end, nothing appears in the second window for This Week, This Month, etc. The main CFP window, meanwhile, shows 570 intrusion attempts.

The strange thing is that the log viewers are sometimes completely blank like this, but sometimes they function perfectly. I’m not 100% sure, but in my case the problem might be related to Windows logon. For instance, yesterday the log viewer was working fine, but later in the day when I rebooted the machine, it stopped working (and is still not working; I haven’t rebooted since then).

To use Miguel Angel’s solution, how do I clear the log viewers? I did click the “Refresh” button inside the first viewer window, but it didn’t do anything.

CFP with all default settings, XP Japanese SP2 (32bit), NOD32, Windows Defender, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Sure enough, I rebooted my machine and now the firewall/Defense+ logs are working again. Unfortunately nothing was written to the firewall log since the last reboot, though, which means there’s a big gap in the log.