First impressions of CTM 2.9

Another bug, sometimes, double clicking the icon on system tray open CTM GUI but does not bring it up, i.e., does not give it focus. Seems a bug.

I had 2,9 installed about 1 day. Restoring a snapshot was extremely slow, Restoring speed was 60 megas/minute so a 4 G restoration point too 40 minutes to restore.
And after a restore operation windows did a chkdsk and found errors. i don’t know if that was caused by CTM.

Now I am back in 2.8 and it works fine. i didn’t see much advantage to continue with 2.9.

2.9 has been in beta for ages and not 1 person from comodo can let anyone know whats going on with ctm.

I have the same question.

Comodo is keepin an eye on what Windows 8 will bring as it may bring similar functionality. There is no way of saying what Comodo will decide about continuing the development of CTM.

I say who cares what Windows 8 brings. Windows 7 is here now, and not everyone will jump straight to Windows 8 any how. Further more I think Comodo owes it to the people that have been crashing there computers continuously for the benefit of the project to release a bug free CTM. I have replicated crashed hundreds of times in geekbuddy to the techs so they could pass the information on to development. I know other people have provided valuable feedback as well. There should be a stable release by now.

Couldn’t agree more.

But Erick, I can’t believe they’re motivated only by Windows 8…
There are a lot of other Comodo software that already has a Windows similar and they continue to be developed.
It’s really sad to see how companies abandon good software and technology. It’s disappointing.

Unnaturally I had the same problem on my Windows XP just pressed restart as normal came back to find the CTM system had vanished no BSOD or nothing just gone All MBR was working okay and system restarted as normal nothing in the Add Remove Programs either so tried to reinstall but CTM came up to say in could not initialize Snapshots Checked my MBR everything is ok and can boot normally odd to say the least !

Fixed the quote structure.Eric

ok I could not install it again so went back to 2.8 this seems to be working ok

I still have 2.8 installed and it is working okay.

Tried 2.9 but it un-installed itself after a reboot and would not install again.

So far 2.8 has not caused any problems for my computer starts up every time I reboot sleep or hibernate.

I have taken one snapshot as i made a few minor changes to my system no problems.

I have not had to restore compacting will be done by the program automatically.

I have had no crashes or BSOD at all the 2.8 runs nicely without any disk space build-up.

No Software crashes or disk problems

Is there any major do’s or dont’s from anyone else on here I am running XP on a HP Media Centre Computer

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 3
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
Computer Name YOUR-73751C030B (Home Computer)
User Name HP_Administrator

  CPU Type                                          Intel Pentium 4 550, 3400 MHz (17 x 200)
  Motherboard Name                                  Asus PTGD1-LA  (3 PCI, 1 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, LAN, IEEE-1394)
  Motherboard Chipset                               Intel Grantsdale i915P
  System Memory                                     1024 MB
  BIOS Type                                         AMI (09/24/04)
  Communication Port                                ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

  Video Adapter                                     RADEON X600/X550 Series Secondary  (256 MB)
  Video Adapter                                     RADEON X600/X550 Series  (256 MB)
  3D Accelerator                                    ATI Radeon X600 (RV380)
  Monitor                                           Plug and Play Monitor [NoDB]  (HTHC102300)

  Audio Adapter                                     Creative EMU10K2 Audigy / Audigy 2 Audio Processor

  IDE Controller                                    Intel(R) 82801FB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 2651
  IDE Controller                                    Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 266F
  Disk Drive                                        Maxtor 6B200M0  (200 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA)
  Disk Drive                                        Generic USB SD Reader USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        Generic USB CF Reader USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        Generic USB SM Reader USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        Generic USB MS Reader USB Device
  Optical Drive                                     HP DVD Writer 630c
  Optical Drive                                     IDE-DVD ROM 6116
  SMART Hard Disks Status                           OK

  C: (NTFS)                                         164097 MB (149027 MB free)
  D: (FAT32)                                        5629 MB (1431 MB free)
  E: (NTFS)                                         1033 MB (518 MB free)
  L: (NTFS)                                         20005 MB (5672 MB free)
  Total Size                                        186.3 GB (153.0 GB free)