First bug for the new update CFP_Setup_3.0.14.273_XP_Vista_x32

i just installed CFP_Setup_3.0.14.273_XP_Vista_x32 first bug i can report is after installing the firewall and it was a fresh clean install, it asks if i want to restart my PC. so i let it, upon reboot winxp started up but none of my taskbar items loaded and the hourglass just wouldn’t change for ages, i wanted just over 5 minutes hoping Winxp would complete loading of everything, but it didn’t. i tried ctrl alt del but that didn’t work so i had to do a hard reboot,

i remember the samething would happen in teh original CFP 3.0 version after installing the firewall if i let the setup program restart my PC my PC wouldn’t complete loading upon reboot.

anyway will update and report any further probs if i encounter anymore, which i so hope lol i don’t encounter any further problems

I had to add to this, I did an unistall cos of a mistake, and reinstalled again, this time i didn’t let the setup program for the firewall restart my PC, i chose to restart the PC afterwards, same problem though after the installation and restart the PC loaded winXP but then the system locked up, I did see i think all my taskbar icons load up in the tasbar area and next one should have been the firewall but it never loaded and my cpu% was at 50% and i couldn’t click anything basically the system froze, so had to do a hard reboot again.

on both installations same scenario. that may be a bug I think so thought i’d let you know

I uninstalled and reinstalled for a 3rd time, because the firewall was acting real sluggish when i would open it up and click through the windows,

i did a complete uninstall to make sure all registry entries and such was gone and a restore to before when i installed the firewall at all. then i installed it again, it installed fine but seriously the installation leaves alot to be desired, because when after the firewall installs and the PC reboots the system just hangs when Winxp loads and the desktop appears, nothing else gets loaded and the system freezes, oh and the PC did a BSOD and then rebooted by itself the 2nd time the Pc froze 3 times while trying to load after winxp screen loaded and i could see the desktop. so had to do a hard reboot eachtime. anyway am not doing anymore reboots for now lol. and the firewall is installed fine and operating fine right now. but i’m pretty sure what i have detailed is one serious bug and i hope the developers take note of it and are able to recitfy that one

Can you please send us the memory dump generated by the BSOD?it should be in c:\windows\minidump folder. Also, do you have any other security software installed?


i had 5 minidump files i zipped them up and submitted them in a ticket, i have no idea which file u need so sent all 5 of them

here is a copy of the submission ticket details

Ticket ID: Department: PC Security Software Full Name: Ronald Email: Priority: Urgent Additional InformationOperating System: Windows XP Home Software: Personal Firewall Problem Description: Other as requested by forum admin egemenegemen Administrator Comodo's Hero

Can you please send us the memory dump generated by the BSOD?it should be in c:\windows\minidump folder

am submitting the minidump files as requested by egemen



other security software i have, well i have AVG free edition, BOclean, sandboxie and Verification Engine.

Other editional startup programs i have are Everest Ultimate Edition, Lightscribe control panel, Yahoo widgets, Logitech setpoint, coolmon ver. 1, and (controlcenter2 and status monitor for my printer) and a Nvidia taskbar utility oh and soundman utlity for my sound device, forgot that one since its icon is hidden. I think thats it

Sorry, I just realised how to attach the minidumps and upload them to the forum ;D

so here you go :wink:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok thank you very much. The analysis shows that LF30XP.sys is the driver which is causing BSODs in your computer. This is not CFP 3.

Lock Folder XP is the name of the product owning this driver. You may want to report them this issue with the memory dumps.


AH :o ok thank you very much :slight_smile:

i don’t think i can report it to them since it wasn’t a software I bought :-[
I trust that software though and i know its safe and none of its files are malicious,
could i add LF30XP.sys as a trusted software, would that solve that issue with it causing CFP 3 and my PC having BSOD?

the file LF30XP.sys i trust just i have no idea what to do, how do i select it as a my safe file or trusted application and would it be in the firewall tab or defese+ tab where i should goto and do that.


I defined that file L30XP.sys as a trusted application in the firewall tab and as a my safe file in Defense+ tab. i know how to remove it if need be from my safe files list in defense+ , but how do i remove it from my trusted application in the firewall tab if i want to remove it from there later on?


P.S i will see if this prevents that file and CFP 3 conflicting, it only seems to happen when CFP 3 is installed so from teh sound of it they are conflicting with eachother but I will see if having it as a trusted file and in my safe list stops that.

thanks very much for pointing out what the problem was, much appreciated :slight_smile:

is no problem one my computer one the new upate :smiley: (:KWL)

oki comodo runs lite slower ???


is no problem one my computer one the new upate

oki comodo runs lite slower

Hi xpplus,

those issues and probs I had are gone now (:KWL)

it turned out to be that program I had Lock Folder XP 3.6 its L30XP.sys startup file would cause my PC to F#$ K UP (:AGY) when CFP 3 was installed.

but no such problems anymore after i got rid of Lock Folder XP 3.6 and installed Hide Folders XP to take its place