Fireworks Choreographed to Rock Music

Every year radio station KFOG in San Francisco puts on a concert during the day and an Outstanding Fireworks Display “KaBoom” that night choreographed to rock music

KaBoom 2004 is still one of my favorites. Here are the links from 2004 thru this past May 2008

To make it easier for everyone, here is the link for KaBoom 2004. Download one of the files on the left. The MPEG4 file will give the best video at full screen. Right click and again choose “Save Target As” … works_2004

Here is the link for KaBoom 2007 and at the bottom of the screen you will find a link for KaBoom 2006

And finally here is this years link for May 2008

[size=12pt]Enjoy K a B o o m [/size]


One of these years I hope to travel to Walnut Creek in California and visit a cousin and my wifes sister, but also to be there in person to enjoy the fireworks display on the San Francisco Pier.