Firewalls, miscreants and the generally unhappy

I was very sad when Sygate’s free firewall was bought by Symantec and they ended support and development. At the time it was the best free firewall hands down. I found the Comodo firewall while researching new products and decided to try it.

I have been running the firewall on several pc’s for 2 weeks now with nothing but very positive feedback. It is a well written application, uses very little system resources and highly user friendly. The only negative remark I can make is I would love to see a more controllable pop-up for outgoing dns queries (port 53), which i could easily squelch with Sygate (something most firewalls have 0 user control over). Windows media player just loves to connect to a mass of servers on start (do a nestat when you click on a weblink for a .wmv file; it’s frightening).

As for the i-vault I am still not sure where the password are stored. Is it internally on the pc or sent to a remote server? I am not in favor of anything which sends info outbound related to my private data so I would love to understand this program further before i use it.

All in all anyone who writes a firewall of this quality and offers it free should be commended, not castigated by a few self-annointed know it all’s and open source goobers. You can hide malicious programming in open source as well, it’s just more probable a well trained person will eventually find it. Their Launchpad is merely a neural center for their programs and does not send questionable data outboound. A simple Ethereal sniff will show that. It is a promtional tool and a mild one if you considr many of the pay programs intusive hubs.

I applaud comodo and Melih and thank them for their hard labor. I will look forward to the launch of your AV when beta testing is done.

Great job!!!

Antonio de Egas Moniz ( if you don;t know who he was in history, google his name…lol)

Same here, except the time span. I have only had CPF for a few days. I am still learning about it but it seems a worthy replacement to Sygate.

I’ve used CPF for few month now. CPF a great piece of Firewall.