Firewalls, IP blockers vs NSA and the likes.

This thought just came out from a conversation with a friend. He said that having a firewall is like having a lock. If anyone wants and knows how, they will get through it, no matter what.

That’s correct. Which made me think. What’s the point of having firewalls? It anyone truly wants to get into your system and knows how, they will manage to get there.

Do firewalls and ip blockers provide a false sense of security? How useful would they be against government agencies, such as NSA? I mean, you will only notice they got to you, if they want you know about it. Otherwise, you will never know they got inside your system. Same goes for the real hackers. If they want to get in your system, won’t they?

Please, tell me your thoughts.

My thoughts it is not so much whether they get in it’s if they would bother as there are a lot easier targets to access on the internet than trying to unlock your firewall, unpatch OS etc.