Firewalll is not monitoring after diconnecting VPN

I am using connection through modem that is connected to LAN card (Broadband - WAN Miniport PPPOE), when I use VPN with this connection (like & then disconnect the VPN I noticed that the firewall is not monitoring any more the connection on the Broadband.
The only way to make CIS to start monitoring is to disconnect & reconnect.
CIS: 3.12.111745.560 - Automatically detect new private networks cheeked - firewall security level: custom Policy mode
OS: Windows XP SP3

How do you notice?

The animated icon stopped so I opened CIS and there was no traffic even that KMplayer was playing radio from the internet.
cheeked Blocked programs & they are not blocked anymore, till I disconnect & reconnect to the Broadband.

Also in the latest ver. 3.13.121240.574 this vulnerability in the firewall is not fixed & I hope that this vulnerability ( in my point of view is critical ) is in the to do list & it will be fixed soon.