Firewalll Blocking AllMYBooks

Windows 10, Home, v. 10.0.15603, Build 15053; Comodo Internet/Proactive/Firewall Security; AllMyBooks,

Malware Stopped

C:\Program Files (x86)\AllMyBooks

I am attaching a Comodo log file; the time stamp seems to indicate that it was created/modified when I tried to open AllMyBooks.

I believe that the program started within the past few days: I meant to open AllMyMovies, opened AlllMyBooks instead, and I believe that the latter opened correctly, without being intercepted by Comodo Firewall.

I just tried to open AllMyMovies, and got the same Comodo interception. That program did open correctly after my improperly opening AllMyBooks; that Comodo now intercepts both programs indicates that my belief that they both opened properly a few days ago.

Looks like the vendor is blacklisted? For now you can add the files to the AV exclusions and change the file rating to trusted in file list.

Thanks. I found the list of blocked files, which I did not know existed, and removed both AllMy files. While I was there, I noticed that SuperAntiSpware has been added to the list, which seems a bit odd given its long history, and that it appears to be working properly.

I wonder why the AllMy programs were added, but I have no idea what the error message refers to, although it is rather cloudy here today.