Firewalled executable still reaches the internet


I’m using comodo firewall for a while now and have an issue with it.

I’m on windows 7 ultimate x64 with comodo free firewall set to :

  • firewall security level = safe mode
  • defense + security level = safe mode

My issue is that I have an executable blocked for any outgoing connection by an application rule in network security policy of the firewall section. The rule is :

  • my application (path) use a predefined policy = blocked application.

But this application still reaches the internet as I can see it’s notifications about update or product related offers.
Shouldn’t this blocked executable be restricted to my local network ?

Are you also running Avast 7?

I don’t, my antivirus is nod32.

Remove the rule.
Start the program, and when you are asked next time, choose “treat as blocked application”. Remember my answer.

If it still does not get blocked, we have to proceed with diagnose.

If you dont get even asked, its a “backpack” connection. Then you have to find the active rule for that “other program” which is the path.

Anyway, check your rule set for “exceptions” which are placed above your block rule. For the future.