Hi everyone.

I like Comodo allot, but since sometime back that the Firewall is not working properly.
I tried CIS on more than one PC and I have the same problem. The problem is the following: if the options on the firewall are set to safe mode or any other mode than training it doesn’t create any rules or warn me of any programs trying to connect to the internet. I have to change the options to training more to create rules, but on this mode it doesn’t warn me about anything. I don’t know what to do, I really want to use the firewall too. I’ve been using windows firewall…
The router can cause this problem? I changed router sometime back, I can’t remember if that’s when the problems started. I hope someone can help to fix my problem, I really like Comodo.

Thanks for your time. Long live Comodo! :love:

Delete all rules in application and global rules for firewall, which say: “anything” is allowed out.

Go through each window and look for settings that fit to your problem. It is definitely a setting problem.

Dont use trainings mode for firewall. Never.
Use custom mode for firewall, so you are the chief of rules. Rise the alarm settings for firewall, so you get asked for any connection. If you want to allow something more general, modify one of the “remembered” rules to your decision.

Avoid allowing “IN” rules. Try as far as it goes to use only “OUT” rules. Use the stealth port wizard setting 3 to avoid getting asked for ingoing traffic, which you didnt initiate at all.

Hi clockwork.
Thank you for your reply, but it didn’t helped. The firewall simply doesn’t work, only on training mode.
I deleted all the rules, in fact I deleted everything even the network zones and everything is the same…
I tried other firewalls and they all work, except Comodo. I even installed only the firewall and still doesn’t work.
Even on a fresh windows installation, which makes all this even more strange.
I’m using Windows 7 x64, but the same thing happens on a x86 version. It was working before, only after 2 or 3 new versions it stopped working…
Thanks again for your help, I’ll keep trying to fix the problem.

Edit: Problem solved. The firewall behaves differently from what I was used to. It was indeed some settings. Thanks.

Thats interesting.
Which setting?

A firewall in trainings mode “doesnt work” :wink:

This setting: Do not show popup alerts.
This makes the firewall behave completely different from what I was used to, and I thought it wasn’t working since I never got any alerts. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I am now getting used to the new behaviour which actually is very good, especially for newbies.
So far I like it and it’s working nice. Thanks.