When intalled does Comodo Firewall switch off the windows security centre.


Hi Hitbit,
No it doesn’t, it actually should show Comodo Firewall as the active Firewall.

Hello Captainsticks.
Thanks for the info which helped me identify the problem. MS security centre was disabled.
You might be able to help with the following.
No Comodo icon in taskbar notification area when system starts,
MS security centre says Comodo is protecting system,
Comodo does not show as being running in Task Manager,
When I manually start Comodo by double clicking desktop icon, Comodo icon appears in notification area and Task Manager shows programme as running. Icon stays in notification area when I close, X Comodo from desktop.When I reboot icon is missing from notification area again.


Hi Hitbit,
Disabling the SSDP service and UPnP service if not required might fix the problem.

Some reading here and here.

Hope you find a solution.

Hello Captainsticks,
Once again my thanks for your kind assistance. I installed the patch you suggested from Nars which immediately solved the problem. Not only have I now got my Comodo icon in the notification area but also MS Essentials along with safely remove hardware and volume icons which have been missing for 2 years.
Microsoft Tech Support please note.


Hi Hitbit,
With the numerous reasons Notification Icons play up, I am glad you found a solution.
All the best to you.