How do I setup the firewall for outbound protection only ?
I should have added that I have a DSL modem with a hardware firewall built-in that is activated.

Welcome to the forums wildbill5891, this is something i`ve never tried or seen but you could give it a go and let us know the results.

First off go to Firewall->Advanced->Firewall Behaviour settings->Set the slider to “Custom Mode” and then set the Alert Settings to “High”
This should give you a pop-up for any outgoing applications which do not have a rule set up for them in Firewall->Advanced->Network Security Policy.

Now we need to create some rules to allow any inbound traffic.

Go to Firewall->Advanced->Network Security Policy(this is where the application and global rules are stored)

In Application rules click on “Add” then Select/File groups and choose “All applications”->Now click on “Add” and create the rule Action=Allow->Protocol=IP->Direction=IN->Source address/Destination address and IP details=ANY (you should end up with picture 1) now click APPLY.
This ruls should now be visible in “Application rules”, you now need to highlight the All Applications rule and move it to the top of the rules (pic 2) and click OK

We also need to create an Allow all in “Global Rule” so click on Global rules(next to application rules) and create a rule by clicking ADD, then make the rule Action=Allow->Protocol=IP->Direction=IN->Source address/Destination address/IP details=ANY, move this rule to the top of Global rules and click OK.

Let us know if this works.


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