This topic has probably been covered many times I haven’t done a search on this yet.
I just can’t under’ stand why there are so many of the same alerts every time I am on line & for Comodo not to recognize internet explorer & AOL just baffles me there can be 3 or 4 alerts just for AOL & that’s mostly every time I connect to AOL. There are so many of the same pop ups I just click away & for the leak test well it’s an internet explorer pop up so you would allow if you see it. I have tested a few good firewalls over the months & all tie you up in knots. I was using Norton for 6 years & one thing I can say its install & forget. & for Comodo’s component Monitor just baffles me to.

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You can configure the level of detail in Security > Advanced > Miscellaneous, I think it’s Low by default but in Very Low the firewall will discriminate only applications not traffic direction etc. Then you can also enable “Do not show alerts for the applications certified by Comodo” in the same window and go to Security > Advanced > Tasks > Scan for known applications, and new rules will be created with your new custom very low detail level. If the popus are still too many for you, you could even go to Security > Advanced > Application Behaviour Analysis and disable what gives you most headaches or even the whole of it if you want. :o

Also if the component monitor bothers you, you may as well disable it. For power users it adds extra layer of protection that other firewalls don’t have like the rest of these advanced features, but the component monitor’s protection is not much compared to the network and app monitors’, and seemingly not worth it for you. :slight_smile:

If you want a “set & forget” configuration, you might check out that tutorial in this thread:,6167.0.html

For questions about why you are seemingly getting multiple alerts, please see this thread for relevant links:

or these:


Big thanks to you two for you’re time I know how tiresome it can be to answer the same questions in forums that have been previously answered.

No problem. Let us know if your question still remains, or if it’s been answered.