I’ve got Comodo FW installed but windows has turned out it’s firewall. Upon turning it off it says there isn’t a firewall installed even though Comodo is running. Previously using ZoneAlarm windows was able to detect it running. Any ideas or should I just ignore windows and leave it’s firewall off? Also I’ve still to install Comodo AV but currently have AVast installed and here too windows is telling no virus protection is on. I’m sure once I installed Comodo AV it will probably not notice it. Should I ignore these warnings knowing that my Comodo products are installed and running dispite windows not seeing them? Thanks for any input. Robert ???

Windows doesn’t recognize all FW or AV apps. Tell the Security Center that you will monitor it on your own and the false alarms will go away.

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Comodo firewall should be recognised. Perhaps trying something from the following post will help:,211.0.html

Partciularly the last few posts about resetting Windows security center.


PS. Currently Comodo AntiviruSpyware (Version 1.)does not support Windows Security center, but future versions should.