Firewall works on desktop Not on laptop both windows 8.1

So I upgraded via the store to 8.1 and the Firewall broke, makes sense… added in the MaxNumFilter regkey on the desktop got it working, installed CIS 6.3 workes fine no issues at all…

Same process on my Laptop, but the Firewall will not work. The systems have the same software installed, just different hardware… Any suggestions? Is Comodo actively working on a fix to make it work in 8.1 or are we stuck with other firewall options now :frowning:

Solution was to set MaxNumFilters to 14HEX (20DEC) issues were with the new “infinite filters” Microsoft added to windows 8x.

The problem was due more with additional services installed by Virtual Machine programs (VMware, VirtualBox) taking up the 8 soft spots. Other programs like NetMonitor and the like used additional slots leaving nothing for Comodo to utilize.

To Recap add a new dword to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network called MaxNumFilters and set the value to 14HEX