Firewall wont work - help please

Yes , ive disabled windows firewall , ran c cleaner and everything . Why were you asking me about task manager ? could it be something in there ? I dont know :frowning:

Raigorodski has asked about the Task Manager. I am not sure where he was headed with this. I was hoping he would post back here to follow-up with this.


Try this.

  1. Uninstall CIS.
  2. Turn off UAC(User Account Control) function on your windows control pannel.
  3. Move your mouse cursor on CIS installation file.
  4. Click the right side of the button.
  5. Menu will be popped up.
  6. Choose ‘run as an administrator’
  7. and keep installing.

If you still have same problem, after then, please upload windows process screen shots and
windows event screen shots.

Cheers creasy , will give it a go .