Firewall wont work - help please

Hi all . I have recently downloaded Comodo but the firewall says it isnt working , someone on another forum told me to disable windows defender then uninstall comodo and install comodo again . I have done all that but firewall is still saying it isnt working properly . Anyone have any ideas ? cheers .

What SO are you running ? cmdagent.exe is shown on taskman?

You have totally lost me there , could you explain a little simpler please .


SO - I mean OS for Operational System ( my mystake) like: Windows XP, windows Vista

“mantask” - usually in Windows OS when you click ctrl+alt+del you´ll open the task manager. It show every process running in your computer.

PS: Sorry for my english. I´m from Brazil.

Its ok , thanks for replying . My OS is Vista and i just tried clicking ctrl+alt+del and what came up was , change password , lock computer , switch user and log off ?

TaskManager should be the last option (bottom of the list) seen when you press CTRL-ALT-DEL.

I only have 4 options , the ones i posted above , change password is the last option . Strange .

I have Vista Ultimate x64 and Home Premium x32. both display correctly with CTRL-ALT-DEL.
An alternate, then.
Click Start/Run
enter the command: Taskmgr (this is the taskManager program).

It says task manager has been turned off by your administrator ?

Can you find out what type Vista is installed in your computer ? ultimate, home, basic…

Yes , it is Windows Vista Home Premium .

Download and extract “Ultimate Windows tweaker v1.1
Run the app and select Security. Make sure ‘Disable Task Manager’ is not checked.

Thanks , i will try that and let you know .

I did what you said and now when i click ctrl+alt+del, task manager shows up . What next guys ?

Please guys , you got me this far !

Try the suggestion found at this link.
Report back, please.


Aaagghhh !! it still says firewall not functioning properly .

Anyone got anymore advice , or shall i give up ?

Windows Firewall is disabled, right?

Usually a clean install with no other AV running resolves the problem. I am out of additional ideas at this time.
Anyone else suggest something?