Firewall won't turn on

On my second home computer (WinXP Pro SP2, ethernet connected to router) I uninstalled McAfee. Rebooted. Installed Comodo Firewall. Entered the activation. Comodo says it is activated (Full).

All monitors are off! I go to the monitor setting page but Turn On and Learn will not select. It stays stuck on Turn Off. I rebooted but no change. After reboot, three identical Comodo Firewall alert boxes are shown saying the firewall is not activated. I know that. How do I turn it on?

On my other computer (laptop with wifi), it installed fine without these problems.

Please help.

Are you using version I am using it and experienced two sudden broke down i.e. all monitor functions go off. Re-boot your PC and if it is not OK still, you have to uninstall the firewall and do an install once again.

In your case, the best thing to do is a clean install of CFP. Run some registry cleaner befor that. And during the installation, keep all of your security software disabled.

And don’t forget to turn the Windows firewall off ;D