Firewall wont start automatically [Resolved]

Dear all,

I have installed the FIrewall on two laptops. On one, after the initial reboot as requested by Comodo FIrewall, the firewall starts automatcailly, and an icon appears on the TaskBar. The second laptop won’t automatically start the firewall and there is no icon on the taskbar. I have to manually start the programme.

Would someone know why not?

Regards, P.

I just helped a user with that, and he solved it by downloading it again and reinstalled it. Can you try that first?

This is the thread.,4796.0.html

I tried tried to enter an String into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run but it wouldn’t let me do this:

The registry entry cannot rename New Value #1. Error while renaming value.

When I click back in the Key the new string isn’t there. I am logged in as the admin…

I run Lavasoft Ad-watch and e-Scan. I’ll try a reinstall but am a littel sceptical about it working.


I have uninstalled Comodo FW, rebooted and reinstalled and it still refused to start automatically.
The registry entry under HKLM/…Windows/…Current/…Run is still not there.

However, there is a service defined in msconfig called Comodo Application Agent, and it was started, but I do not know what it actually does.

Any clues, afore I revert back to good ol’ Windows firewall… :frowning:

Try to turn off Adwatch before installing. Turn off it’s autostart with windows as well. Don’t turn it on until you have installed the firewall with success.

That solved the problem. Thank-you.
Comodo is now up & running.

Of course, just for fun I started Cisco VPN client and got a blue screen, which I expected [at least something similar to this] to happen. Dodgy Cisco drivers or its rouge firewall competing for action!